Shadow Demons is a Star!

The Peachville High Demons series

This is the fourth installment of my review of the current 5 books of the **Peachville High Demons series. It is a Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy written by **Sarra Cannon, an Indie Author.

*Shadow Demons – book 4,  4.5 stars

In Peachville, there’s a fine line between good and evil.

That line is about to be crossed.

In this book Harper learned a great deal about life. Things just weren’t always as they seemed. Sometimes, too, lessons you thought you’d learned in the past, had not been learned well enough. Lessons such as who to trust and who not to trust.

Power was a big deal in Peachville, The Order of Shadows had done a lot of things to get it and keep it within their grasp. They did not want anyone to gainsay their authority.

Jackson was a demon. He had a little surprise for the Order of Shadows and he was ready to use it to advance a cause he had been working toward for over a half century. Some of the new characters introduced, demons, helped him with his quest.

Harper found out even more truths about her mother and the Order. She discovered things about people she never thought she’d find. That discovery triggered an adventure and a quest that ended in a whole different world.

This book had just about every emotion. There were sweet moments and silly moments. Sad moments and plain moments. There was total devastation, but then there was people gathering together in a rallying spirit for a cause they believed in. Each and every one of these emotions were equally believable. The characters were just as real to me as some of my family is.

And finally, the storyline, concept, grammar, punctuation, fluidity, freakishness, icky characters, mean girls and boys, evil adults, portals and motor cycle riding demons are all good in my opinion.

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**Sarra Cannon, Author

Sarra Cannon grew up in a small town in Georgia where she learned that being popular always comes at a price. Now, she lives in North Carolina with her amazing husband and her teeny tiny Pomeranian,Snickerdoodle. Books and music are her greatest passions. She has never been a cheerleader, but it’s possible she knows a few things about casting spells.


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