Blog Update

I’ve been reading. A lot. In fact, I’ve read 18 books and short stories since I posted last, and am working on 5 others. Normally I wouldn’t be reading that many books at one time but I’m finding it hard to concentrate on a few of the books. I end up stopping the  book, the going on to another, finishing it or stopping, then going back to it. I do like to finish a book because I want to give it the best chance I can to get reviewed. Stopping a book doesn’t mean the book is bad, it just means it isn’t as interesting as another book that I’ve picked up at the time.

Now I’m going to stop reading new books and begin to review the books I’ve read and finish the books I’ve started. For me, reviewing books is not as easy as it looks to be. I really want to make a good impression on the 10 or 12 people who might actually see what I write. Not to mention that  my writing has the potential to be seen by so many more people on the internet (but most likely never will be.) So I keep rewriting and rewriting and so forth. Also I find it hard to stay on task. As you see I started the blog then went on to reading books instead of writing the reviews after reading one at a time. Those good free books on Amazon are so good I just can’t pass them up. I have to read some of them right away.

I do need to get reviewing. I hope to get one up very soon.

Stephanie P.


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